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I woke up this morning and couldn’t help it. I had to get my funk on. So why not get our funk on together? Saitone has a remake of Michael Jackson’s Thriller in 8-Bit blips. Old-school will never die. Love it.

I’m a big fan of electronic music, mainly because the sheer complexity of it all is mind boggling. To be able to control all those synths and beats and put them into strings that make sense impresses me. My own experience is anything most certainly at novice level. The following video recreates Daft Punk’s awesome […]

It’s funny how the first app that is being featured in this segment is an app for Gucci. I’ll put it bluntly, this app is 90% garbage. Then why am I even posting about it? It’s simple, the other 10% of the app is worth looking at and playing with: Gucci Beats. Gucci Beats is […]