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A recent study claims that those who carry cell phones in holsters on their belts may be at risk of having their pelvic bone density reduced. The report states that electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones may have a correlation with reducing bone density that could lead to health problems. At this stage, the study […]

T-Mobile issued a statement yesterday concerning the recovery efforts by Microsoft to restore data information that was deemed lost for good for Sidekick users. It looks like Microsoft has recovered most of the lost data and will begin the restoration process as soon as possible. Damage control is in effect and ready to rumble. This […]

THIS WEBSITE HAS MOVED TO TEKUNOLOJI.COM I won’t lie, I hate Sidekicks. Every iteration of them. Never was a fan of them. My sister had a Sidekick 2 and and then a Sidekick 3. When the SK3 broke, I urged her to grow up and get a Blackberry (this was before the iPhone came out – […]