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NOTE: This was supposed to obviously be posted pre-CES, written well before CES. Sorry for getting it up now… If 2009 was the year of “hope,” then let me dub the year 2010 as the year of refinement in regards to technological developments. In looking back throughout the last year, I noticed one major trend: […]

Tablets, ereaders and 3-D HDTVS are the undisputed trends of 2010’s Consumer Electronics Show. But what about 1979? I wasn’t even born so I wouldn’t know. ABC news via Yahoo dug back into their archives to give us a taste of technology from two decades ago. I’m digging that tech that lets you draw your […]

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, Tablets will be HUGE. So huge in fact that just days before the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), tablets by the boatload are already being leaked out in specs and most of it falls into more or less what we’ve all been hyping them up to be. Internet-surfing […]