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PLEASE GO TO http://WWW.TEKUNOLOJI.COM Ladies and gentleman of the Internet. After a much planning and doing (this was the hard part), I’ve finally moved this tech blog over to dedicated hosting, independent of As part of an identity re-brand, the new website is now known as TEKUNOLOJI. You can visit the website at […]

Hey everyone, long time no talk. I just want to say I’m really sorry for not writing anything for the last month! It’s been a tough month for me, filled with school and work. While I wasn’t posting anything here, I was experimenting with Twitter A LOT. Micro-blogging as many call it, can be quite […]

Last year when Barack Obama was swept into executive power, one of his main priorities was to create a national healthcare plan and digitize medical records to improve efficiency, saving billions of dollars a year in the process. While his grand plans have been somewhat foiled by a lack of bipartisanship, universal healthcare remains at […]

I caved. I’m on twitter. No I’m not an addict…yet. Just catering to a wider audience.

2009 was a momentous year for I think everyone. It definitely was so for myself. Google compiled a video of the years memorable events (and there were quite a few) using Google Wave. One thing Google. Where the hell is the world’s newest and apparently biggest asshole – Tiger Woods? Can we get an update […]

Wanna just wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I’ll be taking the day off and enjoying the break for a change. Take it easy everyone, because after tomorrow the world goes into count down to New Years mode – the end of the decade. The photo was taken last year, it’s a Christmas tree made up […]

The winter holiday has just about officially started for me. My last real final was today and aside from having to hand in a final photography portfolio on Tuesday, I am all set and ready to rock it out like a rockstar Santa-style. I won’t be enjoying the break for too long because I have […]