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I woke up this morning and couldn’t help it. I had to get my funk on. So why not get our funk on together? Saitone has a remake of Michael Jackson’s Thriller in 8-Bit blips. Old-school will never die. Love it.

I’m a big fan of electronic music, mainly because the sheer complexity of it all is mind boggling. To be able to control all those synths and beats and put them into strings that make sense impresses me. My own experience is anything most certainly at novice level. The following video recreates Daft Punk’s awesome […]

I like stairs. I often walk the 16 flights of stairs at school instead of taking the elevator which takes too long. I can get up to the top faster than the lift can chug up each floor. Same goes for escalators. Americans are lazy. It should be a fact. They head from their cars, […]

LG isn’t satisfied with giving you just two Korean girl groups to help promote its LG BL-40 Chocolate mobile phone because they just dropped VERSION 2.o for both SNSD and f(x)’s Chocolate Love. Version 2.0 looks to contain more footage of the actual LG BL-40 bar phone. No one is complaining. Just fire up that […]

I just heard about this, is offering 1,464 songs for free. There’s bound to be something in there that will satisfy you. I went ahead and grabbed Weird Al’s “Don’t Download This Song.” Ironic isn’t it? Haha. Amazon

This Is It


The unreleased single titled, “This Is It” by the late Michael Jackson has just hit the web. Crank up your ancient radios and catch a listen or visit the official website for the single. When the CD is released, don’t be a dick and pirate the song. Buy it on iTunes and show some love […]