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Yeong-Ho Bae and Mok-Min Ha, you should be proud of yourselves. If you amount to nothing else in life, at least you will have the honor and glory of being the world’s fastest texters. Bagging $100,000 at the the LG Mobile World, I’m sure their parents are real proud. Is it just me or do […]

LG knows how to get the Christmas spirit rolling. Aside from giving us sexy music videos in two increments, they are prepping to release a “Christmas Edition” of the LG BL-40 touch phone. It isn’t just a new coating of design either. LG is stuffing an 8 mega pixel camera into the LG BL-40 Christmas Edition. […]

LG isn’t satisfied with giving you just two Korean girl groups to help promote its LG BL-40 Chocolate mobile phone because they just dropped VERSION 2.o for both SNSD and f(x)’s Chocolate Love. Version 2.0 looks to contain more footage of the actual LG BL-40 bar phone. No one is complaining. Just fire up that […]

In what are two of the most interesting music videos for any cell phone I have ever watched, Korean girl group f(x) is promoting LG’s BL40 aka “Chocolate.” Featuring a 4″ wide, 16:9 touch screen with 800 x 345 resolution, this is one long looking phone. If its a chocolate “bar” phone you want, it […]