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We all remember MS Paint. Some use it as a litmus test to gauge how much skillz an artist really has. The legend says that those who can draw in MS Paint and by draw I mean draw realistically, shading and really have talent. By no means is this realistic, but hot damn, this thing […]

Brock Davis is the man today. Old school gaming is often thought to only be cool if it is shown off in 8-bit glory, but what happens when you take 8-bit visuals and give it an abstract brush texture? The results are stunning pieces of art that I would love to have on my wall. […]

A few weeks ago I posted Street Fighter in 15 Pixels and that blew me away. Today I found this awesome mix-up of Street Fighter IV fighters rendered in 8-bit based off of Megaman. SpeedBrkr on the Capcom forums really did a detailed job. Hats off to you! My favs are Chun-Li, Akuma, and M.Bison! […]

I’m a big fan of electronic music, mainly because the sheer complexity of it all is mind boggling. To be able to control all those synths and beats and put them into strings that make sense impresses me. My own experience is anything most certainly at novice level. The following video recreates Daft Punk’s awesome […]

I like stairs. I often walk the 16 flights of stairs at school instead of taking the elevator which takes too long. I can get up to the top faster than the lift can chug up each floor. Same goes for escalators. Americans are lazy. It should be a fact. They head from their cars, […]

I might have missed Halloween this year (don’t you hate being sick?), but how could I have missed this beautiful cover for the New Yorker? The cover is illustrated by Chris Ware, and depicts the sad reality of the access that the iPhone brings with it. I wonder what they those parents are checking out. […]

That my friends is Street Fighter rendered in only 15 pixels. If you can’t see Ken and his hadouken, then you buddy need to brush up on your Street Fighter. It’s Monday morning and this is exactly how we should always start a week.