USA Today Says iPhone Stuck on AT&T Until 2012

Take this as you will. USA  Today is reporting that AT&T’s exclusive partnership to sell the iPhone is a 5-year deal with Apple. If this holds out to be true, then that sound you just heard was that of millions of Verizon customers crying about having to wait until 2012 for the possibility to get the iPhone.
The other sound you may have also heard is that of millions of AT&T customers sobbing because they will possibly be stuck on AT&T for another two more years if this bit of info is true. AT&T is notorious for having poor infrastructure.
The newest survey finds AT&T as having a 4.5% dropped calls rate in the last 90 days. T-Mobile comes in at 2.8%, Sprint with 2.4% and the least is Verizon with only 1.5% rate of dropped calls.
Suck it up Verizon and AT&T kids, you’ll always be screwed if you iDo and screwed if you iDon’t. Here’s hoping Apple decides to say screw both networks and go with T-Mobile and it’s ready to be pumping 21 Mbps of 3G goodness!

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