iPad to Desktop Setups Are Stupid


As soon as I saw this setup, I knew it was stupid. Just dumb. Why anyone would think this is a good idea is beyond me. As noted, I do think the iPad is a very nice, albeit limited piece of hardware. It’s made for touch input, and that is what it excels at. Converting it into a desktop when at home defeats the entire purpose of the device.

Just look at it. There’s a speaker and a huge Logitech keyboard (the keyboard of which is very comfortable to type on). Take a look at all the cables. It’s the spitting image of everything that Apple does not represent – clutter, ugliness, and cables.

This image makes me look at my netbook, and say damn, at least HP knows how to design good hardware. Using this setup would only make you miss your REAL computer more. Like FLASH, a MOUSE, and a real DESKTOP, a larger screen with a HIGHER RESOLUTION. It’s pointless.Why bother with this at home? It’s like you want to do real work, but not really.

This my friends is why there will still be a market for netbooks and why the iPad will never overtake desktops or laptops.

One Response to “iPad to Desktop Setups Are Stupid”

  1. 1 bruce

    this is ridiculous… maybe these are the length’s people will go to be a “apple person” without breaking the bank…

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