No One Cares If You’re a Mac or a PC (and the Ads Must Die)


[Note: This is a re-post from Ploked from 3/2/10]

No one cares if you’re a Mac or a PC. There is no such thing as being a Mac or being a PC, and anyone who says otherwise is a complete fanboy who needs to grow up and realize that we live in a world where the work that we do is more important than what we do that work on. Computers are computers, whether it has a glowing Apple on its back or not. No one cares, just like an idiot is still an idiot whether they’re rich or poor.

Yes, I’m typing this out on a Mac, but that’s because it’s my primary computer at the moment. However, I could just as easily get a PC and do the same thing.

Owning a “premium” computer that costs nearly double that of a PC will not make you produce better content. I’ve been using my MacBook for almost three years and after switching to Mac, I was convinced that I did better work on Apple’s computers. For the last few years, I’ve deluded myself into thinking, because of my affiliation with the Mac, that I was superior to all my friends who were banging out on their ugly Dells and HPs. How wrong I have been and I am glad that I’ve realized it before it’s too late. My work flow may have improved significantly because of OS X’s more manageable interface, but it doesn’t mean I’ve produced better material.

Some people will say that a beautiful piece of hardware inspires them to create wonderful content and, for a short bit of time, I bought that bullshit too. I was so high from drinking Apple’s Kool-Aid that I completely forgot that I once wrote great articles on a PC (a lousy one at that, a Windows ME).

Apple’s “Get a Mac” commercials with their infamous “Hello, I’m a Mac. And I’m a PC” slogan, starring Justin Long and John Hodgman, would like you to think otherwise. Their iconic commercials have been airing since 2006 and have done nothing but fan the flames between Mac and PC users. Often witty and humorous, Cupertino’s ad agency has really created a cult following through these commercials. It’s not pretty.

The problem is that they’re giving off the wrong impression. Completely trashing the competition wreaks of the “ruthlessness” that is often ascribed to Apple CEO, Steve Jobs himself. People say this guy is a visionary, but it’s always his way or the highway. As well outlined in the recent fallout over including Adobe Flash on the iPad, Jobs dissed Flash as a “CPU hog” that is often the culprit for crashing Macs and called it a “dying technology.”

In the 21st century, being computer literate is much more important than siding with a brand. With the web now the central purpose of computing, being a Mac or PC is even more irrelevant. Knowing how to use services and programs to the best of your ability is what counts.

With that said, I ask everyone to stop this madness now and denounce being a Mac or a PC. One doesn’t make you any better than the other. Taking sides just shows what an idiotic fanboy you are.

One Response to “No One Cares If You’re a Mac or a PC (and the Ads Must Die)”

  1. wowww… nice stand….but “attention sales clerk.. i think pastatech man need a leg to stand on..” You’re right, through and through, but … from a selling perspective being a Mac person or a Dell person is all about Identity, we buy things not just because of their quality, but how we percieve they will make us feel/be/improve us…etc. Again, your argument is spot on and it’s ridiculous how things are re: computuers, but if we didn’t have any of this, how would they sell…who would use them? What would make someone choose a dell over a hp or a dell or a apple…. not everyone is that versed in computuers…so the sales and marketing teams create cool commericals that suck you in. It’s like eating Mcdees, who knew the taste was an injected smell of a burger, that made your mind think it’s tasty.

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