Return from Hiatus!


Hey everyone, long time no talk. I just want to say I’m really sorry for not writing anything for the last month! It’s been a tough month for me, filled with school and work.

While I wasn’t posting anything here, I was experimenting with Twitter A LOT. Micro-blogging as many call it, can be quite addicting. If you were keeping up with my Twitter you’ll have seen that on some days I was tweeting things like a mad-man! Who knew the world of Twitter was so deep and complicated. It’s not as simple as you think if you’re passing on information that you want others to re-tweet. Looking for the perfect Twitter client has also proved to be tough. Right now I’m sticking to Tweetmeme as my desktop app and Hootsuite is my preferred web app. As for mobile tweeting, I just set up Twitter via SMS on my phone and I occasionally use Twitterific on my iPod touch with Brizzly as my newest app to put through trials.

A lot has happened and I can’t possibly recap all of it, but here are a few highlights that you may have missed if you had gone back under a rock because I stopped posting (I doubt this, but hey, its a strange world!)

Google pulled out it’s search engine in China, forwarding Chinese users to Google’s uncensored Hong Kong domain. In response, China blocked them.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that Apple is working on a Verizon iPhone, prepped to be ready by this Fall.

New iPhone revisions are expected in their annual updates and rumor has it that the next iPhone will finally get the front facing camera for video conferencing and a higher resolution screen at 940 x 640 .

Nintendo Plans to Reveal “3DS,” the next successor of the DS. It will supposedly allow 3-D visuals without the need for 3-D glasses.

The iPad launches this Friday and Apple is sold out of them before they even hit stores. Could this mean the iPad is going to be a huge success? Of course! Like Nintendo, Apple knows how to “print money!”

Sony’s motion-controllers is officially called PlayStation Move. Like the Wii’s controllers, it will come with a “wand-like” remote called the Move and another “nunchuk” controller they dub simply as the sub-controller.

Microsoft will start allowing gamers to use USB flash drives up to 16 GB to store game demos, game saves and downloads. This is surely the death of the $30 512mb memory card. Finally! A motherboard was leaked a few weeks back that suggests a smaller Xbox 360 is in the works. If this is true, Microsoft could be poised to “re-launch” the 360 with Project Natal this fall.

3-D HDTVs started to go on sale and initial impressions from the public show signs of interest. I’m still unconvinced that 3-D adds any more value.

There’s a lot more, but I’m a bit tired. More in the coming days!

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