Nintendo DSi XL is $190, 3/28 Launch, 100 Classic Books Coming!


At Nintendo’s Media Summit this morning the gaming company announced that the Nintendo DSi XL will cost $189.99 and hit stores March 28.

Not to be left behind by Apple’s latest foray into the e-book business, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales & marketing, Cammie Dunaway also mentioned that “100 Classic books” such as Dracula will hit their online shop on June 15 for about $20.

If you ask me, $190 is a bit much for another Nintendo DS iteration. My DSlite is still getting the job done. For another $10 you can buy yourself a Wii. Not sure on this whole “everybody let’s do ebooks” thing. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how well it pans out. If it doesn’t work, the DSi XL may end up like the PSPgo, unloved and uncared for.


One Response to “Nintendo DSi XL is $190, 3/28 Launch, 100 Classic Books Coming!”

  1. do we really care about another version of the “DS.” These crappy things are the reason why publishing is dying… will this ebook market ever work? probably…”publishing,” i suspect, is going to go down fighting.

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