Windows Phone 7 Series Is Beautiful


Pastatech gets a lot of flak for gearing towards Apple all the time (just look the tag and category sidebars, Apple is the largest one), but let me get this out right now – I am not an Apple fanboy by any means. I do not discriminate against any tech company. If products suck, they suck. If products rock, they rock. There is a lot of coverage related to Apple, but only because they are spearheading innovation. I love good innovation and competition, it’s the only thing that creates buzz for me.

I’ve told you countless times that I love the Zune. It’s a beautiful gadget with a an equally awe-inspiring post-modern interface that is just so refreshing. The Zune is a technical wonder that brings back the “technical” part to gadgets. There once was a time when people actually spent days, weeks or even months fiddling with their gadgets before knowing the ins and outs of it. It had a certain “elite” feeling. Not everyone knew how to do something. Apple’s made it too damned easy with their dumbed-down interfaces.

Drawing inspiration from their Zune, Microsoft has managed to craft Windows Phone 7 to look quite “technical” but still easy enough to use, while looking “manly.” I’m glad Microsoft isn’t still sitting on its ass while Apple continues to gobble up market share with the iPhone. Much like the way Palm ditched their old Palm products and decided to start fresh with the Pre and webOS, Microsoft is doing the exact same. Windows Phone 7 is a completely new OS for the Windows mobiles and coming off the success of Windows 7 for desktops, Microsoft might finally be making things that actually work again.

Last week I said I would probably end up with an iPhone or a BlackBerry for my next phone, but today I’m not sure. It’s still going to be six months before any hardware is released, but hell I could wait a bit longer if Microsoft has a super slick device up it’s sleeve. Good design is good design. Apple isn’t the only one who knows a thing about sexy gadgets. Don’t let me tell you how cool it all looks, just watch the video.


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