A Web Browser on BlackBerry That’s Better Than on iPhone and Android?


Come August, my two-year contract to Catherine Zeta Jones and her T-Mobile gang will be up and so will my life in the “dumbphone” world. I’m eying three devices, a Nexus One (maybe Nexus 2 will be out by then?), iPhone, or a BlackBerry.

The iPhone is everyone’s favorite, and who can blame them? It’s got looks and functionality. The Nexus One isn’t as pretty, but is on T-Mobile and lord knows I don’t want to drag my feet back over to AT&T just for an iPhone. The last one is a BlackBerry; mature meets style. The only thing I absolutely can’t stand about BlackBerry’s are their web browsers. RIM’s web browsers are terrible, but there is reason to hope.

Last November, we heard that RIM was hiring WebKit developers. Now it seems that the engineers at RIM may have figured out how to get their WebKit browser to load web pages 30 to 60 percent faster than the iPhone and Android. The browser will supposedly use a method of the “push” technology that makes e-mail on BB’s so awesome, but for web pages, allowing quicker loading.

If this is true, then I may just end up being that kid with the shiny new BB instead of an iPhone.


2 Responses to “A Web Browser on BlackBerry That’s Better Than on iPhone and Android?”

  1. palm pre? iphone gets horrible service…blackberrys are cool, the bb messenger is nice, but come on…!!! it’s a corporate tool. not a fun one.

  1. 1 Tekunoloji - Windows Phone 7 Series Is Beautiful

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