iPad is Here and it Disappoints



Today was the day. The very special day that Apple was supposed to transform our lives forever. Re-define tablet computers and print all at once and sell everyone a device unparalleled and unrivaled by others. Did Mr. Steve Jobs deliver the ultimate tablet device we have all been salivating for? The answer is a resounding, “no.”

Perhaps we all expected something truly revolutionary and in the end, it was half baked. So the iPad the name of the infamous Apple tablet and it couldn’t feel any more wrong. iPad? iTablet, iSlate or just Apple Tablet would have worked. iPad feels lacking, uninspired and bland. Too similar to the iPod in name. Hell there were even an iPad joke that resurfaced from an old MTV skit.

Essentially the iPad is a 10″ iPod touch. The iPad is running the same mobile Mac OS that the iPhone and iPod touch operate on. All current apps in the App Store are compatible with the iPad.

To type, a virtual keyboard pops up and you type almost as if you were on a laptop. Now hold on a second, just take a look. Every single mock-up Apple has of the iPod shows the user propping the device on their leg when sitting down or whatnot. Even Jobs himself sat down to demonstrate the device. This makes it very unergonomic

What can the iPad do?

The same functions an iPod touch already does. Web browsing, music, videos (HD), photos and games. All the multi-touch and accelerometers you’ve come to love in the iPhone/iPod touch is intact. Just the whole thing is larger. Games will be able to function in full screen mode without any modification needed; granted the graphics will look a little blurrier because of the scaling. Other than that there’s not anything new it can do that’s really blow-your-mind-i-must-buy-this-now-because-it-changes-everything.

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing:

Wi-Fi Only Models:

16 GB: $499

32 GB: $599

64 GB: $699

3G Models:

16 GB: $629

32 GB: $729

64 GB: $829

I will say that the pricing is unbelievable. Everyone was expecting a $1000 device and Apple is selling it at $500. Great start I’ll give them that. But then you look at the 3G models and it looks terrible. $130 extra for the 3G antenna module? That’s ridiculous.

Verizon was rumored to be the 3G provider for whatever the new device was, but it looks like it won’t happen again. Apple is going with AT&T again for its 3G partnership. So two plans: $15 for 250 MB a month (isn’t that just lousy shit?) and $30/month for unlimited. And no, you won’t be able to swap your iPhone sim into your iPad when you get home from work because the iPad is using a microGSM sim card.

The deal breaker again is AT&T. If their lousy record for 3G service is any indication, it will only worse. People can’t even get true 3G speeds on their iPhones, how will more 3G traffic help?

Tech specs are as follows:

Dimensions :9.56 inches x 7.47 inches x 0.5 inches

Weight: 1.5 lbs (Wi-Fi model), 1.6 lbs for 3G model

Screen: 9.7″ LED-backlit IPS screen wth 178-degree viewing angle

Resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels

Processor: 1GHz A4 custom-designed chip

Storage: 16, 32, and 64 GB

Battery: 25Whr rechargeable lithium-polymer battery; provides up to 10 hours on one charge and over a month on standby

Wireless: 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR

3G: Up to 7.2 Mbps (although most people will never get this speed on….see below)

SIM card: Uses new microGSM Sim card for 3G

Network: AT&T (booooooo!!)

Audio: Built-in speakers, headphone jack and built-in microphone

Connector: 30-pin dock

Material/Design: unibody aluminum

Shown above is the 3G model. Notice the plastic black bar at the top of the tablet. That’s for 3G antenna module. As anyone who remembers owning a first-gen iPhone, cell signal doesn’t exactly go through aluminum very well.

iBooks: Apple’s response to the Amazon Kindle and all the e-readers coming out soon is an app iBooks. You flick to turn the pages, you can enlarge the font and all your books are organized nicely on a bookshelf. It seems very much like the iPhone app “Classics

iWorks: Pages, Numbers and Keynote have been reworked to run on the iPad. I just don’t see how productive this will be. The virtual keyboard prevents serious work to be done; hampering the device. Each app costs $9.99. Bundling these three apps would have been a smart move if I was in charge.

To add insult to laptops, Apple is even selling a keyboard + dock that you can attach the iPad to. So is it a tablet or a laptop? It’s sometimes a tablet, and sometimes not. How about typing on a screen that is vertical with a keyboard? I was never a big fan of the “tall-screen” iPhone videos that popped up everywhere after the iPhone 3GS came out and video was enabled.

This entire “preview” sounds excessively negative, but it’s not without cause. What purpose is the iPad going to serve that an iPod touch has not already been covering? Yes, 75 million people already know how to use the iPad because of the shared interface with the iPhone, but we want something new and the iPad isn’t it. Why is there no camera? Wouldn’t it have been cool to have a camera on the front of the face for video Skyping? A camera on the back for pictures. The Nintendo DS has two cameras, how come there is none on the iPad? To repeat what everyone on Twitter is saying, there are a lot of gaps that haven’t been filled. It may be better to wait for version 2.

Not to sound pompous, but I guess I was right for the most part when I said that we do not need a tablet.

I’m sure it’s a beautiful product as is everything that comes out of Cupertino and it will make me giddy as chicken when I do see it in person in 60 days when it’s available for sale, but the iPad is disappointing to say the least.

Two more things, first, it appears Safari doesn’t have Adobe Flash AGAIN. This is insulting. Half the web is practically in Flash. No Flash on three models of iPhones and iPod touches. But on the iPad that has 10 hours of battery life on one charge? Inexcusable.

Second, there is no multi-tasking. One app at a time again. FAIL.

6 Responses to “iPad is Here and it Disappoints”

  1. Got to agree. Very disappointing. The home screen looks very basic and boring too, and the dimensions are not very pretty, it too fat. Lets just hope it’s more reliable that most of the recent Apple hardware.

  2. Yes, it is a 4:3 ratio. Old in a world of 16:10/16:9 ratio.

    BTW, Nice website.

  3. the ipad sucks! it’s even worse that it happened in my home state of CA. Actually this is more than a netbook…kinda…and less than a laptop, but too bad, no one will get this pos. btw, mines on order!

  4. You made good quality points there. I did a Yahoo search on the topic and determined plenty of people will consider your blog.

  5. 6 nubia

    i wanna buy one

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