Bill Gates is Tweeting and Re-Tweeting


Guess who is getting the hang of Twitter. No, not just me. Someone with much more fame and money. Billy G. Be Eye Double El Gates. Mr. Bill Gates himself joined Twitter on Tuesday and after Ashton Kutcher welcomed them both, which promptly led me to follow them both Mr. Gates started twittering.

Shortly after the twitterverse found out about it, Twitter crashed and went down. Fingers were all pointed at Mr. Gates, but with so much nerd cred, who could be mad at him for more than a few minutes?

As an aside on just how popular and ubiquitous Twitter is, President Obama also started to twitter. He sent his first tweet from the official Red Cross account while scoping out the damage in Haiti. Strangely enough, he wrote the tweet in third person and then confirmed that it was he who wrote the tweet himself and not some secretary in third person as well.

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