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When Palm first announced the Palm Pre running webOS last year, the main feature that astounded most iPhone dorks was its multitasking capabilities. Using a “card” system the Pre can open multiple apps at once, something that the iPhone can’t do unless you’ve jailbroken it and installed some special apps. The Verizon Palm Pre Plus […]

Much like the Appvent Calendar 2009 that gave out free iPhone apps in the weeks leading up to Christmas, Free App A Day is giving one free app everyday this month. Chances are you will get at least a couple of really fun and exciting games and apps. Lately all the apps I have been […]

Guess who is getting the hang of Twitter. No, not just me. Someone with much more fame and money. Billy G. Be Eye Double El Gates. Mr. Bill Gates himself joined Twitter on Tuesday and after Ashton Kutcher welcomed them both, which promptly led me to follow them both Mr. Gates started twittering. Shortly after […]

[] The story goes like this. Late one night, five kids from Politecnico di Milano in Italy were sitting around a camp fire and decided to hash out the top five trends they thought were most visible around the world. Instead of writing a fat dissertation on it all, they spared us the reading and […]