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I never understood what the point of an unboxing was. It just seems like a way to make every single nerd on the Internet envious or jealous. Rarely is an unboxing truly eventful and interesting. This video showing the unboxing of a Google Nexus One obviously is an exception, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about […]

Poor Sony, it seems like you just can’t get you shit together. It is now being reported that the motion contoller for the PlayStation 3 is delayed. Looks like Sony will not be able to get a head start on Microsoft because it will be competing directly with Natal this fall. Gamers are going to […]

IPhone OS 4.0?


The last couple of months have been unusually quiet for the iPhone. Along with the expected announcement of the Apple tablet next Wednesday it is expected that iPhone OS 4.0 will be announced. With any luck a new iPhone will also be announced as well. BGR’s got some inside info from a trusted source of […]