Project Natal in Time For Holidays 2010


Microsofts plan to change the interface on how we control the living room entertainment center continues to charge on. Ballmer announced on Wednesday that “Project Natal” was on track and will be released by the end of the year in time to start the holidays.

According to insiders Microsoft has also decided to ditch a certain chip inside the Natal camera, replacing it with a software based solution. This would theoretically lower the coat for the peripheral while simultaneously allow Microsoft the flexibility to update it through firmware updates, hinting at the potential staying power Natal could have.

Fears about Project Natal requiring 33% of the the Xbox 360’s CPU have been dismissed my Microsoft. The worries came up as gamers sounded off that if it’s necessary for Natal to use up 33%, then high-end games that require lots of textures, physics and other rendering would have to be scaled back, preventing games from utilizing the full CPU. Reason for concern is natural as Xbox 360 loyalists start to realize the limitations of their consoles, from the low amount of storage on on a disc because of the DVD format leading to high compression (Final Fantasy XIII port) to the ever expanding functions that Microsoft breathes into the console each year.

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