Palm Gets Serious, Brings Ammo to the Phone Fight


Tired of getting nowhere in the smartphone wars, Palm is planning to stage a comeback.

First on the agenda, the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus (Triple Ps as I call them) will land on the Verizon Wireless network on January 25. Both webOS phones are currently on the Sprint Nextel network. Verizon’s iterations both will receive updated specs; the Pre Plus getting 16 GB of storage and more RAM. The only button on the face of the Pre has also been removed. The Pixi Plus now has Wi-Fi. Both phones now come standard with the contact charging system Touchstone.

Pricing was not released, but I expect it to be competitive to the iPhone.

In addition to the network announcement, Palm also activated 3D gaming on its webOS platform. Games that take advantage of 3D graphics such as Need for Speed Undercover and Sims 3 are available now for EA Mobile.

Finally, Adobe Flash 10 and video recording will be available on Palm’s two phones via a firmware update in February.

PC World

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