Adobe Flash Comes to Google Nexus One


Most smartphones do a lot of things today, such as tell you the weather, RSS feeds, that you need to lose weight, etc. The only problem with most of them are that they don’t do Adobe Flash. A nice chunk of websites are built in Flash, not to mention the countless number of fun games made in Flash. To ignore it on a platform is ignorant, seeing as how ubiquitous it has become.

Flash has been missing in every iPhone model since its release. Finally Flash, REAL Flash comes to the one phone that dares to put the iPhone in its place: Nexus One. The Nexus One is a smart phone manufactured by HTC, running Google Android 2.1. It is the first Android phone that is sold directly through Google.

The Nexus One isn’t a slouch. It has a 5.0 megapixel camera, resistive touch screen for, and supposedly makes the iPhone look like a toy. The asking price is $530 Unlocked and $179.99 with a contract on T-Mobile. Google’s flagship phone will also be available on the Verizon and Sprint CDMA networks shortly after release on T-Mobile.

Adobe Flash on the Android is no joke. It could be a potential game-changer. Would Flash sway you over to Android?

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