Trying Out Google Voice and Google Wave


Google Wave and Google Voice are two of the hottest services from one of the hottest software companies in the world. Right now they are invite-only, not quite ready for the prime public. Google Wave is a supposed to change the way web communication occurs. It is a combination of instant messaging, forum, videos, photos, RSS, etc. The key word is convergence. Everything in Google Wave is done in “real time.” The more people participate in a topic aka “wave” the more social it becomes. I post a video about something, and someone else can respond to it by writing something, providing a link, or posting a photo, etc.

I was invited recently and haven’t had the chance to extensively dive deeper than the surface, so more on that in the near future. From what I’m getting, it rather dull if the majority of your friends do not practically live on Google and incorporate Google services into their lives. With only about 10 or so people in my contact list who are invited to Wave, and half of them not even using it; it’s been pretty boring. The key is collective cooperation. People need to keep adding to wave, otherwise it just sits there.

Google is calling it the e-mail of the future. I don’t think so. It just doesn’t seem to have the intuitiveness and clear clarity of e-mail which is textual for the most part. It feels like a great direction that Google is trying to integrate so many different types of communication into Wave, but it is a bit overwhelming at first. Even Google’s Wave YouTube videos are super long.

Google Voice is the other invite only service that is taking the world by storm. GV feels a lot more useful to the average joe who has to handle multiple phones and needs a service that links all those voice mail boxes with one central one. From what I’ve tested so far, GV lets you aggregate your voice mail into an Inbox and choose which ones you want to listen to in the order that you want to listen to them. It can also transcribe your voice mail into text and send them to you as SMS instead of having to listen to them.

This video explains the gist of it:

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