Free Wi-Fi at McDonalds Starting Mid-January 2010


These days, everyone is just handing out free Wi-Fi it seems. First Barnes & Nobles and Borders then Times Square and now McDonalds is getting on the action. Currently, Wi-Fi access at participating McDonalds costs $2.95 for two hours. Come mid-January, that fee will be eliminated in favor of the option FREE. Free Wi-Fi is always welcome. The service however is brought to you by AT&T, home to some of the shittiest connections available.

My guess is Mickey D’s is hoping to rope in more people to their restaurants and with the extra sitting time, end up buying a couple extra packs of french fries, a McFlurry, maybe some snack wraps, and a couple of sodas in the end. Sounds like a good plan, but what about those 20 minute feeding time limits when the seats are limited? Looks like the managers will have to start doing their job of enforcing those rules instead of standing around flirting with the ladies manning the fryers.

Freeloaders will get what they can get am I right? Wi-Fi parties here we come. Anyone up for a match of Mario Kart DS? I may just play you on my lunch break at a Mickey D’s.


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