Apple’s Tablet to Be Revealed in January?


Oh yes. The rumor mill couldn’t be any more full this week. Major publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and the New York Times are reporting that Apple will announce and reveal the much talked about mythical device known tentatively as the Apple Tablet. Whatever it will be called, it is now going around that Apple has not only been courting magazine and book publications for digital distribution deals, but also within the cable industry as well. The rumors now claim that the tablet will completely revolutionize the way television is watched.

Speculation as of today is that there are two models. One comes in with a 7″ screen which is supposedly a sure-thing, and the other is a 10″ which may or may not end up in production.

A few weeks ago, Toshiba had also announced that they have managed to squeeze 64GB of flash memory onto one NAND chip, further fueling the fire that Apple could potentially have a device planned that would utilize more flash memory.

Again, all of this is anybody’s guess and speculation, but if the WSJ, NYT, and FT start making claims, chances are they may very well be true. After all, only the most trusted tech writers get early working models of Cupertino’s devices months before they are announced or released. Walt Mossberg of the WSJ had the iPhone 3G before anyone else had it. It’s just part of their Non-Disclosure Agreements that they continue to churn out “rumors” to excite the public.

Whatever it is Apple has planned for 2010, I can promise you the house that Jobs built and rebuilt will amaze you, like they almost always do. Of course all this talk with cable companies could just be an overhaul for the sad little AppleTV…

One Response to “Apple’s Tablet to Be Revealed in January?”

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