Tablets Will be the New Netbooks in 2010


Netbooks? Netbooks? Come on, that’s so 2008.

Now tablets; these are going to be huge in 2010. The rumors of Apple readying a tablet for world domination just won’t let up. Apple hasn’t even released any information on it and the mystery Apple tablet is already shaking the boots of major computer hardware makers, such as Dell and Asus, both of whom are reported to be preparing to market tablets in 2010. Tablets are supposed to be another middle-man electronic. Tablets should range anywhere from having screens larger than an iPhone, but smaller than a netbook. With the definition of netbook constantly changing due to the growing specifications, its hard to tell. Netbooks today already range from the new standard of 10” to 12”.

The main purpose of a tablet is for web browsing. Theoretically, everything will be web-based, allowing you to browse the net while lying down on your couch.

If Dell and Asus are already prepping to fend off the impending Apple tablet threat, then this means they are bracing themselves for things to get ugly. Asus stole the netbook scene when it pioneered the market with their 7” eeePC. They would be smart to get a good head start if they want to remain king of the low end.

For all we know, this so called Apple tablet is completely fabricated. Until, concrete evidence is released, it is pure vaporware. Everyone claims they know something, but nothing has surface.

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