I Am Now a New York Times Newspaper Subscriber


Last Friday I was out pretty late with some friends. It was freezing out when I hopped off the train. I got home safely that night, but why was there an NYT blanket in my bag?

I’d like to say that I was completely and utterly unsober when I signed up to receive the New York Times, one of the finest newspapers still circulating, but alas that wasn’t the case. The fact of the matter is that I’ve been meaning to subscribe to the NYT for a long time now (almost a year), but I could never quite figure out how I would find the time in my busy life to read the paper. I also hate the ink that comes off – leading me to embrace digital technologies that do away with that problem once and for all. Besides, I use Google Reader, who needs the NYT right? The other kicker that kept me away from subscribing was the question of why should I have to pay for it when I can read it for free on the Internet?

At 50% off it was a steal. The total came out to roughly $23 and some change. I was offered a $25 Visa gift card, so the first month practically pays for itself. I signed up for two months, and can cancel at any time. So really it’s two months of the well-written NYT for $23. And the guy at the booth gave me a free choice of gift on the table. I picked the blanket. It has the NYT logo sewn in!

I was ready to commit to a year, but the guy in the booth, James, told me the company wasn’t even sure where the NYT would be in a year. I struck conversation and told him that I doubted the NYT would be put out of print in a years time. The NYT isn’t some crass newspaper bent on following around Tiger Woods like Perez Hilton. He agreed. James also informed me that the NYT is planning to pull a Wall Street Journal for its online website soon. Readers will no longer be able to read full articles on the online site, but will still have access to headlines. If you want to read the article, you will need to subscribe.

Needless to say, if the paper form does disappear for good, I get free access to the online articles with my subscriber log-in. All in all it seemed like a good deal.

Today my first issue arrived at my doorstep in a blue plastic bag when I got home. I spent about an hour reading the Business section first and will dive into the rest of the paper tonight. I’m going to adjust and start to make time to read the NYT on a daily basis, but it’s going to be tough. Aside from the new NYT, I’ve also got a handful of magazines arriving in my mailbox and let’s not forget about the unlimited amount of content that I sift through online. It’s a great time to be reading more, that’s for sure. I suppose print isn’t dead…yet.

If you’re interested in subscribing, the NYT holiday booth is located in Union Square, NYC. You can find James scrounging for warmth in one of those booths. Not sure if the deal is as sweet as when I signed up, but it’s worth a check if you’re interested in the NYT.


One Response to “I Am Now a New York Times Newspaper Subscriber”

  1. Very cool. You could of just got a free NY times online subscription, but hey, good job on supporting print. i love it!

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