Discover Google Chrome


Is there really any doubt that I absolutely adore Google Chrome and can’t wait for it to become really polished on OS X? I’ve covered it here and here. If you’re still confused as to what Google Chrome offers and aren’t reluctant to switch, this cutesy video made by Google hopefully will convince you.

Switching is hard, but let me tell you. Once you discover something new and realize its better than whatever dinosaur you were using before, you will never be able to go back. We shouldn’t have to settle for software that just “kinda” works. We should get the best, and Google Chrome right now is slowly becoming the best way to browse the Internet. Firefox is still good, but not nearly as fast as Chrome.

This weekend, take a chance. Download Chrome and try to use it. Give it a go for a week, and I guarantee you will notice differences. We all need that little push, otherwise we’d all be stuck using something Internet Explorer and god knows how terrible that is.

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