Did You Go and See Avatar?


Avatar is supposedly the one of the biggest blockbuster films in history and one of the most expensive too. No not that Nickelodeon Avatar the Last Airbender stuff. James Cameron’s AVATAR. I haven’t checked it out yet, but being the slow movie watcher that I am I’ll eventually get around to it; I finally watched Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen last week and boy was I disappointed. Megan Fox is still one hot chick, but tell me exactly what was her purpose in the movie other than to run around looking hot? Trying to get Sam to say the three magic words? Please.

2 Responses to “Did You Go and See Avatar?”

  1. i’m looking forward to seeing it, it looks pretty damn awesome, and i heard Cameron invented some camera during shooting of the film. Oh yea, Transformers 2, sucked, big time, but it’s still not terrible, the effects were ok… better than “The Box.”

  2. saw it, was pretty good, still got the glasses, i’m not sure i’m gonna say that it was one of the best movies ever, but it was pretty close.

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