Nintendo Zii = Wii HD? Maybe, Maybe Not


Word on the street is that Nintendo has patented the name “Zii.” Rumors and speculations are breaking out across the web indicating that this could possibly be the name of the Wii’s successor that would more or less be a HD-equipped console to combat Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS3.

In its third holiday season, Nintendo’s Wii is still selling quite a lot of units. Sales forecasts were lowered a few months back after the announcement of a price drop for the Wii. At $199.99 it is a very appealing price point that caters to the low economy. Nintendo is trying to highlight that even in rough economic times, great entertainment can be had for an inexpensive price.

An HD-Wii would be a nice welcome to the party that Microsoft and Sony are already soaking in, but is it even necessary? Nintendo has proven itself in the handheld arena with its underpowered Nintendo DS that graphics don’t necessarily equate to massive sales. The same formula has worked rather well for the Wii as well. Essentially a little suped up Gamecube, the Wii is still fending off the 360 and PS3, but for how much longer? Analysts are already predicting that Nintendo may have to release new updated hardware to contend with the evolving strategies that the 360 and PS3 are employing. Both of those HD consoles are expanding the initial hardware with unbeatable software such as downloadable content, media centers, web browsers, video streaming, social network integration, etc. Nintendo will need to work even closer with software developers if they wish to make the Wii the center of the living room.



5 Responses to “Nintendo Zii = Wii HD? Maybe, Maybe Not”

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  5. 5 james braselton

    hi there nintendo zii will have 3D ready like nintendo 3DS nintendo will go 3D while the computition gose 2D for me i want my 3D stuff

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