Help Bring AT&T Down on Friday 12:00 PM


Hate your AT&T service? Think you can’t do anything about it because you are just one person out of millions? Fake Steve Jobs is up to his shenanigans again. For iPhone users, AT&T is unacceptable. The service is abysmal and speeds are slow.

This Friday, show AT&T who’s boss by participating in “Operation Chokehold,” an attempt at sticking it to the company. What the mission entails is at precisely 12:00 PM PST, for one hour turn on a data intensive application and run it for one hour. Fake Steve’s plan is to overwhelm AT&T’s network causing it to self-destruct or at the very least fail due to the massive amount of data being sent back and forth.

AT&T have issued a statement indicating that the operation is “irresponsible” and “pointless.” I hardly think it would be “pointless” if service is terrible.

Fake Steve

Image from Daily Yeah

One Response to “Help Bring AT&T Down on Friday 12:00 PM”

  1. did this work? i was traveling sorry dude 

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