iPhone is Tanking in China


China, with the largest population in any country. You’d think the iPhone would be an instant success right? Of course. Apple can do no wrong it appears. Anywhere the iPhone launches, its guaranteed to sell boatloads and then some. People are all hopped up on the kool-aid that Apple spews out.

If that’s what you thought, you thought wrong. The iPhone is tanking big time in China, online at least. PC World reported that a total TWO, yes, two iPhones were sold online at Taobao.com, one of China’s largest e-commerce websites.

Reasonable causes for the iPhones dismal sales are attributed to the devices lack of Wi-Fi (stupid China) and the black market disrupting sales. Apple’s partner in China, China Unicom has reportedly only to have sold 5,000 iPhones during its launch in the mainland a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, South Korea has already exceeded over 60,000 online orders.

Stripping the Wi-Fi out of China iPhone sucks for sure, however being able to head down to Hong Kong and purchase an officially unlocked iPhone for about $800, compared to the $1000 asking price of Unicom also makes it a no-brainer for the Chinese.

Another possible theory (strictly my own) is that the Chinese market is saturated with cheap garbage rip-offs of brand name phones. Nokas, Sonny Ericsonns, and iPhonees are rampant, and the exteriors look nearly identical. People don’t know the difference these days.

PC World


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