Strange Weirdo Who Has Never Heard of a DS Approaches Me


So I’m riding the subway going to school to bang out my etching prints and I’m sitting on one side of a three seater. Another guy sits on the other side of the three seater, leaving an empty seat in the middle. We’re moving along fine, and the guy goes and places his Louis Vuitton umbrella on the middle seat. Okay, nothing wrong with that. I’m playing Kindgom Hearts: 358/2 Days and it’s a really fun game. I was somewhere on the Beauty and the Beast world, hacking and slashing heartless when all of a sudden the man whose in his late 30s to early forties scooches over sits right next to me.

I’m thinking what the hell, why’d he move over? I think nothing of it. I glance over and he’s trying to sneak a glance at the game I’m playing it seems. No biggie, he’s a gamer I guessed. WRONG.

At this point, I’m already almost at Union Square Station, where I hop off and transfer. The guy goes and asks me right before the train pulls into the station what the the thing I’m playing on is called. I tell him it’s called a DS. He asks, “A DS?” I tell him it’s an NDS, Nintendo DS. He then kept looking at me with these strange faces. Thank god the doors slid open and I said I had to go.

Was this guy trying to hit on me? Never heard of a DS. Doubt it Mr. Vuitton toting umbrella man.

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