Kindles Galore


It seems everyday that goes by more and and more people are ditching physical books, magazines, and newspapers for the Amazon Kindle or an e-reader. In the last two weeks alone I’ve seen more than a handful of people on the subway using said devices.

Here is what I’ve observed. Not being racist or anything but it appears Russians love them some Sony ereaders. Most people who carry a Kindle also carry an iPhone. Women seem to have jumped on board with e-readers more than men. Average age of a person I”ve noticed using e-readers appear to be in their early thirties and no older than forty. None of this is scientific, but it is interesting information I think.

Alot of my friends are showing interest in the Kindle. Most people I’ve talked to indicated that they want something light weight to read on that has a bigger screen than the iPhone but isn’t as thick as a netbook. The common factor that is holding the Kindle from being a necessity is the price. At $259 it may be leveling it up with the Nook, but it’s still perceived as too expensive. I’ve always said that I’ll get one when the price goes under $200. $150 would be the sweet spot. The way I see it is that if an iPhone 3G can be had for $99, then the Kindle can too. $99 would make it an impulse buy for many and Amazon would reap the benefits like a mad man.

Shortages and delays for the Nook have increased sales of the Kindle for Amazon over the Thanksgiving holiday, but that doesn’t mean physical print is going anywhere. No e-ink could ever compare to feeling the pages touch your fingers or admiring the book cover.

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