Why I Didn’t Shop on Black Friday and Failed America


It’s been over a week now and I think everyone has recovered from any possible Thanksgiving weekend shopping sprees that may have slipped through their well guarded wallets. I have a confession. I didn’t wake up early. I didn’t stand in line at any store. In fact, I practically skipped the entire day by sleeping. I did not join my fellow shoppers in raging the bins and grabbing bargains. I also have another confession. I didn’t participate in Cyber Monday either. My overall loot haul? Nilch.

The big question is why didn’t I savagely spring into action and fight off the sure-to-be hordes of people looking for deals? I just don’t need anything. Black Friday, dubbed the biggest shopping event all year, and I didn’t get anything. Yep. I could have went to buy clothes, but that’s where all the chicks are at: Macy’s. The guys are outside Best Buy, on line, freezing their asses off hoping to bring home a 46″ HDTV to watch football on.

Personally it really shouldn’t shock everyone as much. I already bought a lot of shiny toys throughout the year, and I’ve reached the limit where the new toys I do want are priced out of my budget range. In hard economic times, it really does become easier to sort out your needs to your wants. Splurging isn’t an option for a lot of people right now.

The best stuff to buy on Black Friday for me have always been flash drives, memory cards, hard drives (internal or external), RAM, DVDs and CDs. Within the last year, I’ve accumulated all the upgrades I’ve deemed necessary for daily operation. What do you do when you already have high capacity USB flash drives, or 8GB SD cards which are more than enough for your DSLR taking needs, and two external hard drives that are just mirroring each other backing up your notebook’s hard drive?

A new computer is out of the question. As much as I would love a MacBook Pro 13″ to replace this plastic MacBook, they are due for upgrades soon and waiting is always good. Besides, my MacBook is only two years in and showing no signs of slowing down. My 250 GB hard drive is down to the its last 10 GBs, but most of the stuff on my drive are duplicate photos which I will delete soon enough. Gadgets shouldn’t have to be annual upgrades. If the gear is made of quality goods, then it should hold up at least a few years.

So, I’m sorry America. I failed to help bolster the economy by spending. Hey, I did encourage everyone else to though. That’s gotta count for something right?

Enough about me, what about you guys? What did you all rake in?

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