Pastatech Milestone Reached: 100+ Posts


Dear Pastatech Readers,

The other day we reached a milestone for this blog. Over 100 posts have been made since the beginning of this blog in October. None of this would even be possible without your continued support and e-mails (mostly tech tips & news, but please also comment on the posts!!) Everyday, I check the stats for this blog, and while there are jumps and dips every so often, the majority of the traffic coming here has been very positive and I foresee reasonable growth.

If there wasn’t a sufficient flow of visitors, I honestly would have given up after maybe a few posts. As you may have noticed, there are no advertisements on the site, and I have decided to keep it that way. I’m not getting paid to write (although if someone is looking to hire to write tech, I’d be glad sit down and chat). This blog is written for your information, hopefully in humorous tone from time to time, but it’s also for my own enjoyment. I love technology, and sharing it with other people gives me a sense of fulfillment. In the end, it’s all about fun. If it’s fun, why not write? If it ceases to be fun and becomes tedious work, then it’s time to quit. 100 posts in, I think my fingers are just starting to flex. Pastatech is just starting to warm up.

Thank you for all your help and let’s keep bringing useful and interesting news one day at a time!

– Raymond

One Response to “Pastatech Milestone Reached: 100+ Posts”

  1. oh how we love your writing and useful information!!!

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