Google Chrome Build Is Snappy


The day is inching closer and closer. The day Google Chrome (the browser, not the operating system) may steal me away from my beloved Firefox. Last Wednesday, Chrome build was released for Mac OS X. I am delighted. It is VERY speedy. Quickest browser out of Safari and Firefox to op en. I’ve already replaced the cozy Opera that was sitting on my dock with Chrome now. It’s stable enough to watch YouTube videos, get its flash on and everything.

Chrome for Mac OS X is still in developer builds, but this is one fast browser. This is exactly what I love about Chrome on Windows and why it is my default web browser on PCs.

If you’re on a Mac, consider Chrome! This post was written in the latest build. Everything just feels speedy.

BTW, what you see in the image is my customized version of Chrome. I love the wood-theme by Google. The ones by “Artists” are just horrendous I think. American Apparel theme? Who the hell wants that?

Download Google Chrome here.

UPDATE: is now the newest version.

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