Power User: CMD & CTRL


COMMAND + _______

CTRL + _______

I am a what techies call a POWER user. Becoming a power user won’t happen overnight. Give it a few nights. What is a power user? A power user knows how to utilize a program for more than its basic functions. Power users know shortcuts that improve and speed up productivity. It really is starting at times because it does become harder and harder to remember the keyboard shortcuts. Let’s start small for the first time okay?

Today we will look over some MUST know commands for any Internet browser. This guide will cover using the modifier key CTRL (Windows) and CMD/COMMAND/APPLE (Mac) in conjunction with another key. These keys are interchangeable. Because I have a Mac, I will write CMD, but it should work the same if you use Windows and use the CTRL key instead. Ready? Here we go.

CMD + N = Open new window

CMD + T = Open new tab

CMD + W = Close current tab / window

CMD + Q = Quit program

CMD + K = Jump to the search engine address bar (Firefox only, Chrome need not apply because the URL bar is the search bar as well, and Safari doesn’t work).

CMD + D = Bookmark

CMD + “+” = Zoom In

CMD + “-” = Zoom Out

The ones below are pretty common and function the same universally in most programs.

CMD + P = Print

CMD + V = Copy

CMD + C = Paste

CMD + S = Save As

When I’m surfing the web. I generally have a dozen or more tabs open. My right hand is on my trackpad and my left hand fingers are always close to if not on CMD + W and CMD + T. Closing tabs with the short cut is much more efficient than mousing up to find the little “x” to close.

More next time!

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