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When the iPhone came out in 2007, everyone complained that it only had a two megapixel camera. When the iPhone 3G came out in 2008, it still had a two MPs. Finally in 2009, the 3GS was unleashed and 3 megapixels came standard along with autofocus and video recording. Nice improvement, but everyone still bitches […]

Brock Davis is the man today. Old school gaming is often thought to only be cool if it is shown off in 8-bit glory, but what happens when you take 8-bit visuals and give it an abstract brush texture? The results are stunning pieces of art that I would love to have on my wall. […]

If this doesn’t get you to switch over to a Windows 7, nothing will. He looks like a little Bill Gates. What I don’t understand is why he is saying that “Don’t stay with XP, cause you’re bound to get confused.” No where in this song is there any bashing on Vista, the troublesome OS […]