USB Pet Rock for That Rotten Kid


It’s the holiday season, and shopping has begun. Who’s going to be on your naughty or nice list? For those people you know who fit in the former, the holidays are an excuse to buy them crappy gifts in exchange for the vomit-colored socks they give you or the useless “As Seen on TV” gizmo.

Reciprocate the love by getting them a USB Pet Rock!!! No, it doesn’t have any on-board storage. No gigabytes inside. Just a rock that connects to your USB port and does absolutely nothing! Genius isn’t it?

Here are the USB Pet Rock’s main selling points:

  • They make a great gift for everyone we can think of.
  • They don’t need food or water.
  • They don’t chew on your stuff.
  • They will make you instantly cool.
  • They never talk back to you.
  • They will forever love you in their own rocky way.
  • They are the greenest USB products ever created, as they draw absolutely no electricity.
  • They are compatible with Windows (7 and lower); Mac (all OS’s); Linux; and all other past, present, and future operating systems – no drivers needed!

Think Geek


3 Responses to “USB Pet Rock for That Rotten Kid”

  1. i’m getting that!

  2. wait, curiously, if it does nothing, then what’s the point of having it in the usb?

  1. 1 Tekunoloji - People of Earth Love Humping USBs, More Variety Now

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