Microsoft Thinks Natal Could Replace Remote Control


For a technology blog, a lot of people are asking me why I cover so many video game topics. For those people, my answer is one word: convergence. The digital revolution is making it a necessity that convergence is the ultimate factor in technology. A video game console is no longer just for playing video games. These days, they do more than that. They let you browse the Internet, view photos, listen to music, watch videos, etc. They are home entertainment machines. Being so, they need and will integrate into the home.

Every piece of electronic device should be able to connect to one another and my wonderful babies of endless possibilities. Every big tech company wants to make it happen, but as always these revolutions don’t happen overnight. Little steps.

Microsoft’s “Project Natal” is a revolutionary new input device that uses no controller. It uses your hands and body. An advanced camera is connected to an Xbox 360 and using trackers its able to detect points of movement. For example, you could wave your hand from left to right and maybe a menu would pop up. Flick your pointer finger and another option comes up. It’s essentially and “air controller” if you could call it that.

It hasn’t even launched yet and Microsoft is already feeling that it could replace traditional television remotes. Perhaps the flick of the wrist could change channels. Waving certain fingers could equal increasing or decreasing the volume. Who knows. We can only wait and see if Natal can be a game changer and replace a remote.

Natal is being hailed as a potential Wii killer. It’s method of input is already being written off as the next evolution of the Wii remote, only with the remote.

Yahoo Tech

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