iPhone Pranking in NYC


You guys love my personal stories right? Right? Okay, here I go. iPhone. Popular. Most Wanted Phone. Greedy People. NYC. Understand? Good.

Now watch:

Alright I’ll tell you my personal story. iPhones are expensive (new ones at least) and it is the hottest phone on the planet, much like the ultra thin Motorola RAZR was in its heyday. If you found an iPhone stuck on the street, would you try to take it? Why not right? It saddens me that deep down inside, people are really greedy grubby bastards, no matter how nice they are 95% of the time. We all have that impulse of “finders keepers, losers weepers.” But think about the times you lost your gadget if you did, and especially your phone (these things store all our info nowadays), and wished someone found it, and returned it to you. If you got it back, you feel eternally grateful, but would you do the same if you found someone’s phone?

I was at Six Flags back in May and naturally, as the one with the most pockets was designated as the keeper of all gadgets (cameras, iPhone, etc). My friend had an iPhone on her. We all rode the Scream Machine together and when we got off, her phone was gone. We didn’t realize it until we went to eat lunch, but still. It was hopeless, something as valuable as an iPhone with all those contacts, thousands of pictures, music, personal info would surely never be returned. I called her phone and texted it, but no one replied. After some time, luck came back on our side. The kid who found it said he’d return it. My friend got her iPhone back, but the kid definitely wouldn’t have returned it if I didn’t take action. Free iPhone. It was the luckiest day of his life until I texted along. Happy ending I guess. Suppose there are some good people out in this world afterall.

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