No Photos of the Nook Guy


Last week after wrapping up the visit to the Apple UWS Store, I went to try to get some info on Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-reader. The one guy at the Nook booth started to chat me up and jazz up Barnsy’s new e-reader contender by sizing it up against the Amazon Kindle. There weren’t any working models on hand, only plastic dummy units. So I picked one up to get a feel for it and I can say without even having to play with a real one, I am not impressed. If the plastic on the dummy is indicative of the final product, then it’s tacky. The shape is bulky compared to the Amazon Kindle, and the aluminum back on the Kindle will be hard to beat. The touch screen the demo guy said is just like coverflow on iPhone. Is it? Won’t know until a working unit is tested.

Funny story, when I was ready to leave, raised up my DSLR to take some shots of the little Nook center and the guy said it was company protocol to not allow photos. Not allow photos for a product Barnes & Noble wants to become a Kindle killer? Smells like BS to me. I had to ride the escalator twice just to get these two lousy shots. Nook guy, say hello to the Internet!

One more thing. I had no idea Barnes & Nobles sells video games now. Overpriced like their DVDs and CDs, B&N is cashing in on digital media without a second thought it seems.


One Response to “No Photos of the Nook Guy”

  1. No pictures? that’s crazy…barnes and nobles really? If this nook is anything like the iphone….i would initially say..”that sucks” but I’m sure it’ll be great, minus the fact that i love love love print!

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