Google’s Chrome OS Coming through


The only tech news that really matters today is…Google’s Chrome OS announcement.

What is it? Chrome OS is a light-weight operating system based off of Linux. The OS design ques are based off of those from Google’s Chrome web browser. Because of it’s Linux heritage, Chrome OS’s intent is to provide lightning fast boot-up times (often termed “instant-on”) and shut down times as well. We’re talking something less than 10 seconds.

After turn-on the computer will boot up the Chrome Browser – because most people think a computer is for one thing only: the internet. It will have all your favorite Google Apps. Everything is stored in the “cloud.” No hard drives. Is it safe? I’m not sold on it just yet. As someone who gets rather annoyed when gmail outages occur from time to time, Google needs to step it up if they really want the cloud to be considered a replacement for local storage.

Chrome OS will only be available on netbooks at first by mid-2010.

There’s no doubt that the world is moving rapidly toward a web only and online only world. Google just sees an opportunity to pioneer and spearhead the technology. I’m not surprised.

Still don’t get it? How’s a YouTube video to explain it all? Trust me, it helps!

This one walks your through the interface briefly.

Google System



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