My Bag of Gadgets: Tiny Tiny Card Reader


Bag of Gadgets is a new segment that gives all the readers here a peek into my gadget life. We all have gadgets, some more than others, and many of them we carry with us everyday, in our bags or in our pockets. A lot of people say to me, “Ray, you’ve got so many shiny toys and gadgets and gizmos.” I say, not really. I don’t have a super secret bat-cave full of LCDs and stuff. What I want to highlight are the gadgets that I carry with me in my messenger and come in handy in my life.

Not only do I hope to showcase my gadgets, but I also want to explain why I picked those gadgets and why they are useful to me. At the end of the day, gadgets are expensive, and there’s really no need to run out and buy every gadget just because you want to. I think gadget decisions come down to: will they be useful, and are they worth it. Who has $500 to splurge on a new camera every year or two, especially in times like this? I don’t. Utility is a must.

Let’s kick off the first in this series with something I started to carry everyday in my bag since the summer.

WHAT: That is a  reader – an extremely tiny one. I picked this little guy up in Hong Kong. It was less than $5 USD. It supports microSD, microSDHC, M2, MS, MSD, MSPD, SD, SDHC, XD. Did I mention it is super tiny? It’s only 1.25″ x 1.25.” x 0.5″. The USB is collapsable and the best thing is it doesn’t take up real space in my bag.



WHY? The answer is easy. There are times when you need to grab photos or videos from a friend’s camera or you will never see them ever again. And if you do, they are usually on Facebook and low-resolution because of FB’s compression. My HP Mini netbook has an SD slot, but most of my friend’s camera’s don’t store on SD.  Many of my friend’s cell phones have microSD or M2 memory sticks for storage, and this card reader can read them unlike a lot of others that require little adapters and whatever. This little card reader has really come in handy primarily for this reason.


PRICE: At less than $5 USD, and supporting every major memory card type except compact flash, it’s a no brainer.

Two years ago, I bought my first card reader, a brushed metal one made by Sony. Today it’s considered clunky and lacks reading/writing for high speed memory cards. It was $30 two years ago. I still see card readers for more than $10. It’s inexcusable really to charge exorbitant prices for something like this.


2 Responses to “My Bag of Gadgets: Tiny Tiny Card Reader”

  1. great segment..what happened to the apps one? btw..where does one get this neat little gadget? thanks dude.

    • Nothing is getting canceled…at this time at least.

      I don’t know of anywhere you can get it in the U.S…ebay?

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