Apple Upper West Side Opening Verdict


Apple’s Upper West Side Apple Store has been monitored in great detail before it opened until yesterday. Waiting with excitement, the fourth Apple store in NYC opened with a warmth in the air. Hundreds? of employees all sporting red t-shirts welcomed people into the new glass heaven. For no reason at all, applause would break out every so often. When I asked one of the jolly employees what just happened, he replied with “We just like clapping!” I grilled him on if they were clapping randomly all day and he said yes. My first thought was someone was the one millionth customer and won something like an Apple product or something. Guess not.

The spyshots that revealed the store made the retail look much larger and higher than it is in reality. While the glass roof is relatively high, the actual feel of the space inside seems rather cramped. The tubular staircase seems a little stuffed into the left corner of the store as soon as you walk in.

iPods, iPhones, iMacs and MacBooks fill the ground floor, while heading downstairs reveals the Genius Bar (kind of small), software selection, iPod/iPhone/Mac accessories and kiddie iMac/education tables.

To be frank, the store is nothing to write about. There are a lot more MacBook Pros scattered across the two floors, but face it, it’s just giving more Wi-Fi freeloaders a space to hang. Now all the kids from the nearby Martin Luther King High School have a place to bum when they cut class.

Apple continues to grow Apple stores in NYC, but the last two have been a let down (Upper West Side and Meatpacking District/West 14th St). Next time Apple, please bring something new to the table that will really get us all excited. Multi-touch kiosks or big screens or something!

The visit to the new Apple store wasn’t a total bust though. I got to check out the new aluminum Apple remote and it is BIG. I like the old one better although the new one does have a more solid feel to it.


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  1. this is amazing…

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