Union Square Best Buy Impressions



Let’s get this out of the way fast. The new Union Square Best Buy that opened today is packed to brims with electronics. I stopped on today’s opening day and scoped things out. Does it live up to Circuit City’s legacy? Absolutely. Best Buy makes the old electronic rival look real small.

This place is not kidding around. It has just about every model of HDTV available on display. They even sell guitars! Amps and all these fancy audio products that I’m not even versed on.


Computers side, it feels a little lacking. The desktop selection is limited and with evey other section cramming in so many choices it would have been nice to see more than just mainly those HP Touchsmart all-in-one PCs. The netbook selection is also paltry. Asus has amount a million variants of its Eee PC but all I saw were two.

I won’t deny the fact that as far as retail electronic stores in NYC, the only two real options are J and R and Best Buy. Both offer an array of goods. Open 24 hours on weekdays this store is going to be the hottest place to hang in in the wee early hours in Union Square.

There was already a line snaking outside for Bon Jovi’s arrival at 5:00 PM. I didn’t stick around to watch.




2 Responses to “Union Square Best Buy Impressions”

  1. Bon Jovi?! how was the dslr section?!!

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