Get That App 02: City Transit



Today’s featured app is City Transit. This app isn’t for everyone. It will be most useful to daily New Yorkers who ride the subway frequently or for tourists who need a pocket map of the subway system on the fly. With City Transit I never have to lean over someone to read the map in the train car or search for the ones on platforms that mysteriously never exist when I need one.

Anyone who has tried to save a subway map image to their iPhone knows that once it’s synced up it shrinks. No amount of touch to zoom in will blow up your once sharp map from it’s new blurry mess. Luckily Magnetism Design took it upon themselves to fill the void with this useful app.

Inside you will find a complete MTA subway map with zooming in and out in tact. Available transfers are also listed for each station in a clear list when you choose a train line.


Best of all this app works fort he most part offline so you won’t lose your map when you don’t have access to a cell tower or wi-fi.

If you do have connection you can use the apps nifty “Locate” tool to find the the nearest subway station and then go from there to figuring out if you need to transfer to another train or not.

The second online dependent part of City Transit is the service advisory updater which will download said updates to your device.

As a NYC subway rider all my life, this app seems hardly necessary especially if you already know all train line information for all the important parts of the city. City Transit is however a very handy map with useful information that will put even the wary train riders less worry. Oh and if you don’t know your way around the greater parts of the outer boroughs this app is a life saver because trying to find a subway map in Brooklyn stations is like trying to find a a four leaf clover.

All in all for a NYC app this is highly recommended.

Cost: $2.99

One Response to “Get That App 02: City Transit”

  1. wow! love it. would like to get it, but at 3 bucks…steep!!!! someone rip this for me?!! jk, in the spirit of Pastatech, i may actually bring revenue to this app from this site!

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