1080p Hupla Coming to YouTube Next Week



Last year, YouTube kicked things up a notch by allowing HD video to be uploaded. The catch? 720p was the highest resolution it was going up to. Videos that weren’t in HD to begin with were upscaled to 720p. Remember when the YouTube video box was a square? Then it became a rectangle? That was last year. 720p is considered to be the starting point of HD. But true/full HD is 1080 progressive lines being thrown in your face at once.

What is 1080p? In short it’s any video that complies with the resolutions of 1920 x 1080. That means 1,080 vertical lines being lit up at once. What you will get in your video are ultra crisp details. I’m talking incredibly sharp video. True story: I was at Virgin Megastore a few years back and they had a 46″ Sony Bravia HDTV hooked up to a Blu-Ray playing broadcasting Pirates of the Caribbean 2 in 1080p. I could actually see the little pores on Johnny Depp’s face. That’s how clear 1080p content is. I was sold on Blu-Ray being amazing. I just don’t have the money to get the entire rig.

With more and more HDTVs being sold, YouTube has to continue to provide content that accomodates them. People want their 1080p videos.  Cheap video cameras with 1080p recording are already replacing 720p ones.

All of this is meaningless unless you have the necessary hardware to take advantage of 1080p. I’m talking 1080p monitor or HDTV. Watching 1080p video on your 10” netbook won’t look significantly different than watching it in 720p, because the resolution on the machine won’t pack the pixel density that is necessary to see all the details that 1080p video is supposed to reveal. Really, the best way to take advantage of 1080p content is with big screen. I’d say 32” and up.

1080p videos will be very nice, but with it also comes bigger video files, which equates to longer uploading times. While, I don’t see 1080p fever becoming the mainstream for at least a year or two to come, YouTube is planning ahead. Get ready for longer buffer and loading times, because it’s going to happen!

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