Happy Birthday Firefox!



Happy birthday to you, happy birthday day to you, happy birthday to Firefoxxxxx. Happyy birthday to you!! Okay, your fifth birthday was actually on Monday; I’m late. Sorry. As a belated gift, I will continue to use you for the foreseeable future as my primary web browser. That is until something better comes out – Google’s Chrome is supposed to come out before Christmas on the Mac.

Can’t believe Firefox is five. Here is my journey. In early 2006 I only knew of Internet Explorer as the main web browser. In Spring 2006, I jumped onto Firefox on the recommendation from a close friend. He was using the fox and was zipping about the web, adding extensions and opening windows in TABS. Firefox was the only browser on the block to have tabbed browsing at the time. It changed the way I browsed. I never looked back. IE was archaic compared to FF.  At the end of August 2007, I bought a MacBook. With OS X 10.4 came Safari. Safa-what? I need my FF was what I thought. FF was slow as hell on my MB. It hoggged RAM like no other, spiked the CPU, heated up the computer…it was nightmare. I eloped with Safari. When Firefox 3.0 was set to go down on June 30, 2008, featuring major RAM reductions and faster page rendering, I joined the millions of people worldwide in downloading it on day one to help set the world record. Indeed, it was much improved. I abandoned Safari and switched back to the fox. I’ve been using FF 3.5 as my main browser ever since.

Whew. That was a mouthful wasn’t it? Even with Safari’s 4.0 being snappy, I can’t live without the plug-ins/extensions that can be installed for FF. Take one plug-in called “Ad-Block Plus.” It blocks advertisements on all web pages. I installed it earlier this year and I haven’t seen an advertisement on the web ever since. No wonder I’ve been so much more productive this past year!

Firefox is an open-source web browser. Because the code is not locked in a closet somewhere sealed beneath 10 layers bullet proof glass, anyone who wants to modify it to their liking can do so. Customization is key for a useful FF experience. No two installations of FF will be the same if each one is customized to the individual.

Here’s to many more years of Firefox! As a bonus, let’s see if the majority of people even know what a browser is.

Google’s Chrome will bring some competition to the web browser arena. It is already my web browser of choice on a Windows machine. The beauty of Chrome lies in the small application size, stripped down interface and FAST FAST page rendering like no other. Chrome is already for Windows and is expected to be released before Christmas on the Mac. Can’t wait!

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  1. happybirthday!

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