Times Square, Get Your Free Wi-Fi On



Yahoo! is partnering up with the Times Square Alliance to bring free Wi-Fi to New York City’s Times Square. Free Wi-Fi! In public spaces! Hurray, why do I feel like I’ve heard this story before?

I want to believe that the free Wi-Fi is really free. Real life usage always tells me otherwise. Like all the “Free Public Wi-Fi” signals my iPod touch has been able to lock onto all around the city, they never work. Nope. Union Square? Nope. Uptown? Nope. Downtown? Nada.

As a global metropolis, it’s about time that NYC brings on the tech and starts offering free Wi-Fi in more places. With over 500,000 people who walk through Times Square everyday, good luck getting a connection, a decent one too. Like the “Free Public Wi-Fi” signals, the new Wi-Fi in Times Square may have low latency. Up/down speeds? Who knows. Don’t expect to get much YouTubing done while you take in the sights.

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2 Responses to “Times Square, Get Your Free Wi-Fi On”

  1. did you know that i actually get horrible service in Union Square! that’s probably because my iphone sucks! There are public wifi places that i actually pick up (barnes and nobles – union square). Fun fact: when watching Craig Ferguson at B&N, I was pretty far from him, but downloaded an app to zoom in seconds because of the connection and took some decent but still crappy pics.

  2. comment to zoom? like zoom in?

    yea, the connection is ok at b&n.

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